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Temple University Student Housing

MK Management Group is dedicated to connecting Temple University students to safe, affordable housing that meets their requirements. We have a large amount of units in our inventory that can accommodate anyone’s needs and desires.

We understand the woes and hardships of trying to find a decent and acceptable living space as a college student. But why stop there – why not aim your highest? Our student housing or apartments not only give you the bare requirements, but also can provide you with everything you would ever want without breaking the bank. Can you imagine having everything you would at home – dishwasher, dryer, oven? It is now very possible for you to make your home here in Philadelphia without having to make sacrifices!

Why live near Temple University?

  • Fantastic location – North Philly is only minutes away from all parts of the city. It is particularly close to some of the region’s trendiest areas for students and young professionals. Whether you are walking, biking or taking public transportation, you will be near hundreds of incredible places every single day.

  • Tons of things to do – Off campus, Temple University is near some of the country’s most historical sites, including the Barnes Foundation, the Franklin Institute, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Art Museum. As you may know, the city of Philadelphia is constantly hosting events, festivals, parades, and food/beverage festivities that will keep you occupied day in and day out.

  • Great food, drinks, culture and nightlife – If you are over the age of 21, you can go off campus to enjoy some of the city’s finest cocktails at places like The Draught Horse and Maxi’s Pizza. If you are more of a foodie, come check out Pita Chip, Champ’s Diner and Vedge. All of these fine establishments are just a quick walk away from Temple University.

  • Opportunity galore – If you are a Temple University student or planning on becoming one, you already know the incredible educational opportunities that are offered here. Plus, the North Philadelphia area is saturated with flourishing businesses that are always hiring. Study hard, work hard and play hard by partnering with MK Management Group and the City of Brotherly Love.

Convinced yet? When you decide on Philadelphia, also know you are deciding on a city that is not just the birthplace of America, but also the second largest city on the east coast – fifth largest city in the country. Here, you will be surrounded by world-class entertainment options, other universities, and many other benefits that come from living in a major metropolitan area. 

Temple University Apartments

property leasing temple universityTemple University has some of the best apartment complexes in Philly at some of the best rates available. You can trust us; we have been around the block, servicing the Temple University area for years. We eat, sleep, breathe, (and LOVE) Philly, and we know you will too. Consider the opportunity that awaits and start making the dream a reality by relying on us!

We have 1 bedroom apartments available near Temple University, in addition to studio apartments. No matter the living situation, we’ll accommodate you with a beautiful off campus apartment and get you ready for a great semester!

In addition to the Temple University area, we also handle property leasing in Manayunk, which is also ideal for young professionals. Click here to visit our Manayunk property leasing page.

To learn more about our selection of off-campus apartment availability in Philadelphia and the Temple University area, call (215) 664-7824 today!

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