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  1. When will I receive my Security Deposit back?
    Under Pennsylvania law, a landlord must return a security deposit, minus any charges for damages, within 30 days once the tenant moves out, shows proof of payment of utilities, returns keys, and surrenders the rental property.
  2. If I want to move out/sublet my apartment what should I do?
    Please contact MK Management first to get the exact requirements and landlord approval. A new lease will need to be signed with all of the tenants to create a new contract. This new tenant will have to fill out the appropriate forms, and also pay security deposit and Last Months Rent.
  3. How do I get renters insurance/should I get renters insurance?
    MK Management advises all of their tenants to get renters insurance as landlords have insurance on the property, but not on the tenant’s personal items. Renters insurance can be obtained through most insurance companies (Geico, State Farm, Travelers, Progressive, etc.).
  4. What do I need to sign a lease?
    To sign and complete a lease we require tenants to sign a joint lease, submit an application (No fee!), and have a co-signer form filled out. We also require a security deposit and a Last Month’s Rent Deposit (depending on your move in date, you may be required to submit a First Month’s Rent Deposit, please ask an MK Management representative if you’re unsure).
  5. When is rent due?
    Rent is always due on the 1st of the Month.
  6. I want a pet, what should I do?
    First, please refer to your lease as to whether or not your apartment is able/allowed to have pets. Next, contact MK Management about getting the necessary approvals and making the necessary deposits before getting a pet.
  7. What should I do during a maintenance emergency?
    Any and all maintenance requests should go through our website, see link below:

  8. When should my group start looking for housing?
    MK Management’s leasing season begins in Mid-October for the following fall leasing season. We always advise that the earlier you look, the more likely you are to find the exact property that you are looking for. Please email for any leasing inquiries.
  9. How much do utilities usually cost?
    The price of utilities can vary for every property. We always advise tenants to be mindful of the usage of their utilities (turning off lights when leaving/not using them, not turning your thermostat too high/low, don’t leave water running for too long, etc.).
  10. What does my tenant ledger show?
    Your tenant ledger shows all charges and balances on your account that you’re responsible for (such as- rent, repair charges, city fines, etc.) and also any payment you’ve made with us at MK Management.
  11. How do I schedule a day/time to pick up keys and move into my apartment?
    Prior to your move-in date, please call MK Management at: 215.765.1429 or email to set up a specific day/time to pick up keys to your apartment and do a walkthrough of your apartment with an MK Management representative. Some things to keep in mind:

    • We advise that all tenants are present during this walkthrough.
    • Please allot up to an hour of your time for this thorough walk through.
    • All necessary payments must be made to complete their leasing package.
    • Tenants must have proof of utilities being transferred into their names.
  12. How do I submit a maintenance request?
    Please submit any and all maintenance requests through our online portal to ensure that they go directly to our maintenance department to get addressed as soon as possible. Follow the link below to login to your tenant portal and submit a request.

  13. How fast can I expect a response from MK Management?
    During business hours you can expect a response within 24 hours for any request sent through the online portal. See the question 12 for how to submit a maintenance request.