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MK Employee Spotlight: Chris












Christopher is one of our four leasing agents at MK Management. He’s the longest tenured employee at the company and has extensive knowledge of the Temple University area and the property management business, as it pertains to real estate dealings.

In addition to Christopher’s primary role of the facilitation of lease signings and property showings to prospective tenants, Christopher is in charge of all lead organization and communication. Due to his extensive knowledge of the Temple neighborhood, he also chooses the units to be shown from the vast pool of properties that we manage.

The primary reason Christopher loves MK Management is because of the people he works with. Property management can be a challenging business at times, but when you’re surrounded with a solid team that cares about the integrity of the company and the people around them, anything is possible.

Due to the knowledge Christopher has acquired during his time at the company, it has enabled him to develop his first student housing project and expand his expertise into the acquisitions and development realms of the business. His long term goal is to own multiple investment homes in the Philadelphia area.

Outside of MK Management, Christopher is a professional filmmaker and screenwriter and has won multiple awards for his work. His current film is a documentary that was made in Belize and will be screening in film festivals all over the world over the 2019-2020 year. He is in the process of settling on his first home and is getting married in October of this year.

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