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Owl Glossary

The Temple Owl Glossary

We’ve compiled a list of terms and phrases that only a Temple University student or alumni could understand. If you’re a prospective student, we hope this list gives you a jump start in appreciating all of the unique, quirky aspects of life around Temple’s campus. If you’re a recent alumnus, we hope this list brings you a bit of nostalgia for your alma mater.

If there are any terms, places, or things you think we’re missing that should be added to this list, hit us up!

Cherry and White – Our school colors and part of our fight song. Fight fight fight for the cherry and the white.

Jawn – In Philly, a person, place or thing.  “Hey, can you grab me that jawn on the table?”

The Horse – The best bar near Temple for events, sports, and grabbing a bite when your parents are in town. The bar is called Draught Horse and pronounced Draft Horse.

Wild Wednesday – Special night on Wednesdays at the Draught Horse. Enjoy it for cheap drinks and a lot of people.

Maxi’s – Temple’s on-campus bar with pretty good food and karaoke on Tuesday nights.

Fox – One of the schools that our university is known for. Say hi when you walk across the new sky bridge.  

Tyler – Do you like art? Do you like good food trucks? Do you like trendy clothes? This is the place for you.

IBC – The only gym you need to worry about.

Club Tech – Where you will spend most nights before an exam. Also, where you’ll see students asleep in the lobby who have camped out there all night.

The Library – Good luck finding an outlet for your computer in this place. Some people may check out books from here, but it’s used mostly as a studying spot.

The Beach – The Temple hangout area when the weather is nice. Otherwise known as our two little patches of grass next to the bell tower.

Narnia – Our hidden chill spot if you want to relax in peace.

The Sac – Where you can go for books and food, but mainly Chick-fil-a.

Diamond Dollars – Temple’s form of currency. Ask your parents for some and enjoy swiping that card.

Burger Tank – The be all end all for burgers on campus and the favorite Temple food truck of many students.

Anderson and Gladfelter – Enjoy waiting in line for the elevators in both of these buildings. You’ll have a bunch of undergrad classes in them.

Stella – Our beautiful mascot. Hoot Hoot

The Bell Tower – Pretty much the center of campus. When the weather is nice, meet your friends there and enjoy whatever festivities are going on. Also, the spot for pep rallies before football games.

Go Owls!

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