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Choosing Tenants: What’s Legal and What’s Not

Companies that provide professional property management in Francisville know that the best way to get the most out of your rental property is to choose great tenants who will respect your space. Unfortunately, your desire to find the perfect tenants to fill your rental property doesn’t mean that you can illegally pick-and-choose who to show or rent your home to. If you’re deciding between multiple competing tenants, here’s how you can choose the right couple, family, or individual to rent to — without running afoul of the Fair Housing Act.

  • Legal: renting based on credit score. Though some tenants may not love the practice, it’s totally legal to look at a potential tenant’s credit report (with their permission, of course) and rent to only those with good credit. Feel free to run a credit check on potential tenants to see how their past payment history looks; if he or she has a great credit score, chances are that he or she will be diligent when it comes to paying rent on time.
  • Illegal: renting based on ability or handicap. A renter with a handicap is entitled to reasonable modifications to enter and use the home safely. While some landlords may believe that adding a ramp or assigning a handicap space to a tenant who uses a wheelchair may be an annoying burden, they are required to modify their space if needed — and they may not discriminate against applicants living with a disability.
  • Legal: renting based on pet status. Everyone loves cats and dogs, but there’s no way to deny that they may take a toll on your home. You are free to make your rental property a “pet-free” zone; however, you may want to consider allowing pets and charging a monthly pet deposit to widen your pool of applicants.
  • Illegal: renting based on familial status. Young children are rambunctious, loud, and can be messy — but you cannot refuse to rent to a family because they have children. However, this doesn’t mean that the parents can’t be held responsible for damage caused by the children to your space. Make sure to keep detailed records of what your property looked like before the family moved in.

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Posted by: mkmanagementgroup on December 21, 2018
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