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4 Common Lease Violations that Can Be Grounds for Eviction

When your tenant signs their lease, they are entering into a mutually beneficial contract with their landlord; the tenant gets the right to private and quiet enjoyment of the space and the landlord gets a monthly rent payment. Unfortunately, some tenants believe that they can get away with violating the terms of their lease. Lease violations are the second most commonly cited reason for eviction, topped only by non-payment of rent. Many lease violations can also allow the landlord to terminate the lease and evict if the tenant refuses to correct the violation.

Some of the most commonly-cited lease violations include:

  • Pet violations. Companies providing real estate management in Northern Liberties know firsthand that pets can cause serious damage to residential properties. Keeping an “illegal” pet against the terms of the lease is the most common lease violation that leads to eviction.
  • Unauthorized occupation. Many tenants believe that they are allowed to move in their boyfriend, girlfriend, or classmate whenever they want. However, most leases dictate that only those on the lease may live in the space.
  • Noise violations. Your tenants have the right to “quiet enjoyment” of your space — which means that too many wild parties and nights spent blasting loud music can constitute a lease violation. Even worse, too many noise complaints to the police can result in a fine, leaving the owner of the property to pay the bill. Always remember to write a noise clause into your lease when welcoming new tenants.
  • Running a business out of the home. Most home-based businesses can be operated without a lease violation — very few landlords will see issues with renters picking up a little freelance programming on the weekends or selling makeup to their friends. However, some tenants may abuse this privilege and attempt to open restaurant, nightclub, car wash, or any number of intrusive businesses from their space. Unless your lease specifically states that the space may be used for commercial purposes, your tenants should not be running a high-traffic business from their home.

The best way to avoid lease violations is by choosing tenants who respect your space. Property management companies in Philadelphia like MK Management Group can help you avoid the headaches that come along with bad tenants. Give us a call today at 215-765-1429 to learn more!

Posted by: mkmanagementgroup on December 10, 2018
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