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The Top 3 College Expenses — and Where Students Can Save

Earning a college degree is an investment towards your future. One study from researchers at Georgetown University found that men and women who earn a bachelor’s degree go on to make about $1 million more in income in their lifetime when compared to their classmates who only graduated high school. Unfortunately, like most investments, college can be expensive. Read on to learn more about the top three areas in which college students spend money — and how you can cut costs on each.

  • Tuition — Unless you’ve received a full-ride scholarship to your university of choice, chances are high that your biggest expense as a student will be tuition. According to research from College Board, the average student will pay about $9,970 for each year they study at an in-state public university and $35,000 for each year at a private college. Students can curb the cost of tuition by applying for scholarships both locally and directly through their university. Don’t be afraid to apply for small community scholarships — each year, thousands of dollars in scholarship money goes unclaimed because no one applies!
  • Student housing — Mom and dad live too far away from your school to commute? Your 2nd highest collegiate bill will probably be from your school’s housing department. Students can seriously save on housing (and avoid sharing a cramped dorm room) by choosing to live off campus. Apartments for rent near Temple University offer the same convenience as on-campus housing while offering more space and a cheaper bill!
  • Textbooks — College textbooks can cost students upwards of $1,000 per semester. Buying used textbooks online can help you save hundreds of dollars. Before the beginning of the semester, email your professors and ask if you can use a previous edition of the textbook — older editions typically have almost identical information as the latest version and can cost significantly less than the newest version.

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Posted by: mkmanagementgroup on November 8, 2018
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