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5 Fun Facts About Philadelphia

Philadelphia is about much more than cheesesteaks and the Liberty Bell! You might be living in the city, but how much do you know about its strange history? MK Management Group provides Philadelphians with fun Philly trivia alongside real estate management in Francisville. How many of these five fun facts did you already know?

  • The first household computer was made in Philadelphia. Invented in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia was home to the first general purpose computer. It weighed a whopping 50 tons—not exactly the portable laptops we prefer today!
  • Philadelphia has the oldest zoo in America. Speaking of “firsts,” the first American zoo was also created in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Zoo has had its doors open since 1959!
  • Immigrants make the city. Philadelphia is a cultural melting pot. It has the 2nd largest populations of both Irish and Italian immigrants—first place, of course, goes to New York City.
  • The Phillies almost had a name change. In the 1940s, the owner of the Philadelphia Phillies decided that he didn’t like the name and tried to have it switched to the Philadelphia Blue Jays. Unsurprisingly, the name didn’t stick around.
  • It’s where eating champions chow down on wings. When it comes to Philly’s signature food, there’s no doubt that the cheesesteak reigns supreme. But did you know that Philadelphia is also a gathering spot for chicken wing lovers? Every year, the city hosts a buffalo wing eating contest called the “Wing Bowl.” Though the first Wing Bowl in 1993 drew a crowd of only 150 men and women, modern Wing Bowls see attendance numbers of over 20,000!

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Posted by: mkmanagementgroup on October 4, 2018
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