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3 Tenants You Won’t Want in Your Property

If you own a rental property, you probably already know that getting the right tenants is crucial to keeping it profitable and well-kept. On the other hand, placing the wrong tenants into your property can seriously hurt the value of your property. Three of the most common bad tenants can include:

  • The sloppy tenant. This tenant hates cleaning, and they don’t have respect for your home. They may throw garbage on the floor, which can attract pests and invite them into your property. He or she may also mark up your walls with paint, dirt or dust, and scuff up your flooring by wearing their shoes indoors. Renting your property to a sloppy tenant can cost you a great deal of money in repairs.
  • The tenant who loves to party. This tenant sees your home as their party pad and is always throwing loud and obnoxious parties. They may invite too many people over and host parties where drugs and drinking are involved. These parties can lead to more damages in your home, and can even cause severe damage to fencing or walls in the interior of your home. If you manage student housing near Temple University, you have likely seen the results of these types of tenants firsthand.
  • The bad-with-money tenant. This tenant always seems to “forget” when rent is due, and they never seem to have enough money on time. They may lie to stall for extra time to pay the rent or they may make you wait weeks on end to pay you. These tenants don’t respect you, your property or your time, so they will likely force you to chase them for your rent money.

If you own a rental property, avoid the damage caused by bad tenants by working with a property management company that knows how to screen the right way to find responsible renters!

Our team at MK Management Group is proud to work directly with property owners and those searching for apartments to rent near Temple University, so don’t be afraid to give us a call today.

Posted by: mkmanagementgroup on January 29, 2018
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