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How to Decorate Your New College Apartment

Congratulations! You’ve made it into college, and you’re about to start the last leg of your academic career. While you may already have chosen your major, there are still other important decisions to be made, like how you’ll decorate your new apartment!

At MK Management Group, one of the top companies providing rental property management near Temple University, we love to see new college students taking full advantage of their space. Take our tips for making the most out of your new apartment, and have a great school year!

● Hang window treatments. Want to make your space feel more grown up? Skip the blackout curtains and plastic window coverings and go for fabric window treatments! They’re available in a variety of colors, inexpensive from and will make your apartment look and feel luxurious, even if you bought them from a mass-market store!

● Add a splash of color. Most apartments near Temple will come along with a set of neutral colored walls, which means you have plenty of room to play with color and make the apartment your own. Many students like to add a pop of color with bright lamps, posters, or even a vase of synthetic flowers. Your apartment will look put together even if you are buying inexpensive items to use for decorating!

● Check out your local thrift store. Are you looking for decorations for a great price? Don’t underestimate thrift and secondhand stores! Thrift stores are the perfect source for many of the things you will likely need moving into your first apartment, including side tables, desks, appliances, and lighting fixtures at rock bottom prices. Just be sure to check and make sure that everything works and is in good condition before you buy!

Still haven’t found your apartment for the fall semester? No worries! MK Management Group, one of the most reputable property management companies in Philadelphia, can help you find the right apartment near Temple University!

Posted by: mkmanagementgroup on September 6, 2017
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